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Whether you’re tackling your first move or the tenth, U-Haul has the Right Equipment at the Lowest Cost for whatever your moving needs are. As an authorized U-Haul dealer, Jim Campen Trailer Sales is here to help match you with the right-size truck or rental trailer for your moving needs. We also have a full range of packing supplies.

U-Haul Moving Trucks

U-Haul offers everything from a pickup truck rental for a local delivery to the 26′ moving truck rental for a large family move. With every phase of your life, come moments when you can rely on U-Haul trucks to help you get the job done.

One-Way Truck Rentals

Use U-Haul truck rentals to help you with your one-way move. With over 20,000 U-Haul rental locations spread out across the US and Canada, you can bet there is a U-Haul dealer near you. This saves you time and money when planning a one-way move.

In-town® Truck Rentals

With local moving truck rentals, you pick up and drop off at the same location. This makes it a convenient option for a local move or local delivery. Truck rates start as low as $19.95 and if you need extended miles or days, we offer a best rate guarantee and special truck rental rates on our Cargo Vans and Pickup Trucks.

Unit 1
Unit 2
Cargo Vans
Unit 3
10′ Truck
Unit 4
15′ Truck
Unit 5
17′ Truck
Unit 6
20′ Truck
Unit 7
26′ Truck

U-Haul Cargo Trailers

A U-Haul cargo trailer is perfect when you want to move a few key items that don’t fit in your trailer.

Unit 8
Sport Trailer
Unit 9
4′ x 8′ Cargo Trailer
Unit 10
5′ x 8′ Cargo Trailer
Unit 11
5′ x 10′ Cargo Trailer
Unit 12
6′ x 12′ Cargo Trailer

U-Haul Utility Trailers

U-Haul utility trailers are an ideal rental solution for many in-town errands, such as hauling building supplies, picking up plants or landscaping materials, or taking refuse to the landfill.

Unit 13
4′ x 7′ Utility Trailer
Unit 14
5′ x 8′ Utility Trailer
Unit 15
5′ x 9′ Utility Trailer w/ Ramp
Unit 16
6′ x 12′ Utility Trailer
Unit 17
6′ x 12′ Utility Trailer w/ Ramp

Truck and Car Trailers

When it comes to moving your vehicle, U-Haul has the best range of rental solutions. If you’re attending a car show, purchasing a new vehicle or traveling in a motor home, U-Haul has the right rental equipment to tow your trailer.

Unit 18
4′ x 7′ Utility Trailer
Unit 19
5′ x 8′ Utility Trailer
Unit 20
5′ x 9′ Utility Trailer w/ Ramp

Boxes & Packing Supplies

Unit 21
Small Moving Box
Unit 22
Medium Moving Box
Unit 23
Large Moving Box
Unit 24
Extra Large Moving Box
Unit 25
Book Box
Unit 26
Shorty Wardrobe® Box
Unit 27
Grand Wardrobe Box
Unit 28
Mirror/Picture Box
Unit 29
Large Mirror Box
Unit 30
Furniture Pad
Unit 31
Mattress Bag (Queen)
Unit 32
Glass Pack Kit
Unit 33
Dish Saver Kit